The Planning and Environment Research Group (PERG) is offering sponsorship for sessions for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016 in London. The Annual International Conference 2016 will be chaired by Professor Peter Jackson (University of Sheffield).

The theme for the 2016 Annual Conference is nexus thinking, an approach that has attracted a surge of interest in the last five years among academics, policy-makers and third sector organizations.  The aim of nexus thinking is to address the interdependencies, tensions and trade-offs between different environmental and social domains – an approach to which geographers might feel an inherent attraction.  Rather than seeing energy, food and water resources as separate systems, for example, nexus thinking focuses on their interconnections, favouring an integrated approach that moves beyond national, sectoral, policy and disciplinary silos to identify more efficient, equitable and sustainable use of scarce resources. 

A call for session-sponsorship will be made before end of 2015 with the expectation that the group will offer sponsorship to a number of sessions of relevance to its members. Decisions about which sessions to offer sponsorship will be made by the Executive Committee in early 2016.