RGS-IBG Conference

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2018

The following sessions will be (co) sponsored by PERG:

  • Energy and everyday life: Exploring lived experiences of energy systems change
  • Climate adaptation as co-productive transformation: exploring the interfaces of science, policy and practice in multi-scalar contexts
  • Regulation, the state, and management of the built and natural environments

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2016

The following sessions were (co) sponsored by PERG:

  • Policies and practices of community-led environmental initiatives (1): Enacting Eco-Communities
  • Managing the rural Nexus: exploring if and how we can manage for multiple goals (1): Exploring attempts and tools to deliver management of the rural nexus
  • Policies and practices of community-led environmental initiatives (2): Community Energy
  • Managing the rural Nexus: exploring if and how we can manage for multiple goals (2): Evaluating nexus management: a discussion on how to evaluate tools and initiatives
  • Policies and practices of community-led environmental initiatives (3): Negotiation & Partnership
  • Author meets critics: Susan Owens – Knowledge, Policy, and Expertise: The UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1970-2011
  • Reframing the Housing Question as Crisis?
  • Emergent urban spaces: A planetary perspective (1&2)

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2015

The following sessions were (co) sponsored by PERG:

  • Alternative experiments: spaces of learning and innovation at the grassroots (Noel Longhurst, University of East Anglia) and Jana Wendler (The University of Manchester);
  • Local belonging and the dynamics of change to places (Patrick Devine-Wright, University of Exeter);
  • Smart cities, limits and potentialities (1) Solutions and policies in building urban smartness (Gian Maria Valent, DISSGEA-University of Padova, Marco Tononi, University of Padova /University of Brescia and Sara Bonati University of Madeira, Portugal / University of Brescia);
  • Planning in the Wake of Austerity Urbanism: Re-thinking the Role of Planning in Urban Governance (Mike Raco, UCL and Federico Savini,
  • Governing Experimental Spaces of Urban Transition (Mike Hodson, The University of Manchester, James Evans, The University of Manchester, Kes McCormick University of Lund).

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2014

The following sessions were (co) sponsored by PERG:

  • ‘The Changing Nature of Governance and the Implications of Local Change: Coregulation in Planning’ (1 session)
  • ‘Neighbourhood Planning in England: the contested politics of localism and coproduction’ (2 sessions);
  • ‘Addressing climate change through gender equity and equality’ (1 session, GFGRG also sponsoring 1);
  • ‘Coproduction of environmental knowledges: the key to innovative management or a utopian goal?’ (1 session);
  • ‘Entrepreneurship in peri-urban villages: Understanding empowerment and marginalisation in the urbanizing global south’ (0.5 session, DARG and RGRG also sponsoring);
  • Towards a Critical Geography of Sustainability, or, what does sustainability actually do? (2 sessions)’
  • ‘Design as Caring in an Urban World’ (0.5, UGRG also sponsoring);
  • ‘Hazards and Disasters: Learning, Teaching and Communication’ (HERG with BELGO also sponsoring)

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2013

PERG nominated 5 research group guests for the 2013 conference, each for one day:

  • Ron Welters (Radboud University Nijmegen) and Juliet Davis (Welsh School of Architecture), session title: ‘Olympic Legacies and Sustainable Urban Development’.
  • Daniel Laven (Mid-Sweden University), session title: ‘The Future of Heritage as Climates Change’.
  • Shubhra Gururani (York University), session title: ‘Ecological Citizenships in the Global South’.
  • Lenneke Kuijer (TU Delft), session title: ‘Researching Practices for Sustainability’.

PERG also (co)sponsored the following sessions:

  • Climate Change, Resource Conflicts and Social Justice (1&2) (Co-sponsored with PolGRGR and GJRG);
  • Ecological Citizenships in the Global South? Re-imagining rights, justice and democracy in an era of neoliberal urbanization (1&2);
  • Governing Practices for Sustainability (1, 2, 3&4);
  • Olympic Legacies and Sustainable Urban Development (1&2);
  • Researching Practices for Sustainability: Exploring new (and old) methodological frontiers (1&2);
  • The Future of Heritage as Climates Change (1&2).

RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2012

  • Planning Smarter Places Gordon MacLeod (Durham University), Rob Krueger (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Vlad Mykhnenko (University of Birmingham)
  • Governance of urban environmental risk in the global south Gina Ziervogel (University of Cape Town) and Mark Pelling (Kings College London)
  • Resilience, security and hazards: Meeting the challenge of engaging communities in flood risk management Lindsey McEwen and Owain Jones (University of West of England)
  • Neighbourhood-working, localism and the Coalition government: Emergent critical approaches Gavin Parker (University of Reading), Mike Raco (UCL) and Emma Street, (University of Reading)
  • Do ‘good lives’ have to cost the earth? : Well-being, sustainability and security Ioan Fazey, Colin Hunter and Louise Reid (University of St Andrews)
  • Urban Planning, Land and Conflict North and South Nina Gribat (University of Stuttgart), Margo Huxley (University of Sheffield) and Melanie Lombard (University of Manchester)
  • Community and Transition: narratives towards low carbon futures Gerald Aiken and Sara Fuller (Durham University)
  • The Geographies of the Green Economy Ian Bailey and Federico Caprotti (Plymouth University)