Past Workshops

2018 RGS Planning Environment Research Group (PERG) Workshop University of Exeter 11-12th January 2018

The Planning and Environment Research Group (PERG) want to thank all those who attended our two-day Early Careers Workshop in Exeter (January 2018).

Aims of the workshop

This PERG workshop is designed to bring together those with research interests in the planning and environment field, particularly early career academics. The workshop will feature a varied format, including paper and discussion sessions, a career development workshop (for those wishing to remain in and also work outside academia) and a ‘how to publish’ session.  Our aim is to create a constructive and welcoming space for new and established researchers to learn from each other.

Participants were treated to a variety of papers, from personal carbon accounting, participatory urban redevelopment, repowering & decommissioning windfarms, to behaviour change and encounters at the zoo. The scope and quality of the research presented over the workshop was fantastic to see. Along with offering feedback on the presentations. The workshop held panel and discussion sessions on preparing research for publication and academic career development.

2014 International Resilience Workshop (9th and 10th October 2014, University of Groningen)group picture

“Resilience – Just do it?! Governing for resilience in vulnerable places” workshop was organized by Elen-Maarja Trell, Melanie Bakema, Gwenda van der Vaart and Britta Restemeyer. The workshop attracted ca. 45 researchers and practitioners from all across the globe (UK, Belgium, Italy, France, USA, Indonesia, Germany, Slovakia, Philippines, The Netherlands) and a broad range of disciplines (e.g. planning, economic and cultural geography, environmental and political sciences, sociology, arts) to discuss the ways they conceptualize and use the term ‘resilience’ in their work

The workshop consisted of two parts: one theoretical part with keynote speeches and presentations from participants to discuss each other’s work and one more practical part comprising a field-trip to the North-East of the Province of Groningen and the design of a resilience strategy for this area. The latter was done in creative group work to explore opportunities and barriers relating to translating the resilience concept from theory to practice. The ideas from the practical session are expected to be synthesised together and further developed. A more elaborate discussion of the results is going to be published in a special issue for the regional journal ‘Noorderbreedte’. The theoretical papers from the participants is also going to be further developed into an edited book exploring the concept of resilience and its use in practice.

2013 Planning and Environment Workshop: Sustainable Transportation (25th ­26th April, 2013, University of Exeter)

This workshop was designed to bring together those with research interests in the planning and environment field, particularly early career researchers. The workshop featured a varied format, including paper and discussion sessions, keynote addresses, a career development workshop and ‘how to publish’ session. Our aim was to create a constructive and welcoming space for new and established researchers to learn from each other. Themes for the workshop included (but were not limited to):

  • The uneven geographies of transition
  • Energy choices and transition pathways
  • Planning reform in a carbon constrained world
  • Climate change negotiations/Geo-politics of climate change and planning
  • Behavioural change and sustainable transitions
  • Grassroots and community-led approaches to transition
  • Sustainable development, climate change and the political
  • STS and materialist approaches to sustainable transitions
  • Public engagement and democratic accountability within sustainable transitions
  • Household approaches to sustainable transitions
  • Planning and sustainable transitions in the context of austerity

2012 Workshop: Reflections and Future Challenges

The past 25 years have marked significant research and policy changes in the arenas of environmental politics and policy, planning and sustainability. The purpose of this event was to bring together members of PERG – both academic and practitioner –  to review some of the key shifts in thinking about planning and the environment and explore key themes and challenges for PERG in the future. Speakers included:

  • Mike Raco, Professor of Urban Governance and Development, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London
  • James Curran, Chief Executive, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Brian MacDonald, Chair, SURF – Scotland’s Independent Regeneration Network

2011 Recycling, slow food and buying local: Greening household decision making
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2010 Sustainable futures: climate change and the geography of transition
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